Fighting The ‘Facebook Mentality’: Why Barristers Should Be Proud Of Their Refusal To ‘Share’ Diversity Data

I see barristers’ refusal to embrace diversity monitoring has been described as “embarrassing” and “pathetic”. What nonsense, writes pupil barrister-to-be OccupyTheInns. There is absolutely nothing embarrassing or pathetic about declining to disclose highly personal data about oneself. In fact, I regard the Bar’s stance on this matter as something of which to be proud. Unlike… Read more »

Bar Social Mobility Scheme Strikes Blow For The 99%

Inner Temple’s work experience initiative is infused with the spirit of the Occupy movement, writes OccupyTheInns Well done to the Inner Temple! I know that this may seem like a strange sentence coming from somebody who advocated a campaign to occupy the Inns of Court just months ago, but I am really rather impressed by… Read more »

Sloppy Reporting Obscures Bar’s True Pupillage Problems

A contributing factor towards lack of diversity at the Bar, and the oversupply of wannabe barristers, is poor reporting of the issues by the legal press, says Alex Aldridge For journalists, stats-based pieces can be a pain, because they require meticulousness and frequently more work than straight reporting of events. Often you just don’t have… Read more »

Keeping Up With Law’s ‘Made in Chelsea’ Set

LPC student Cat Pond doesn’t fancy joining the Sloanes, but what are the alternatives for a wannabe lawyer? Lawyers are victims of a huge array of stereotypes. The media perpetuates unrealistic depictions of, either, the downtrodden but crusading advocate facing up against impossible odds, or, the blood-sucking corporate lackey interested only in money. Meanwhile, jokes… Read more »

How Would Stephen Hawking Have Fared as a City Lawyer?

Follow @legalaware The professor’s arrival would have delighted a corporate law firm PR team, but management may have been less enthusiastic, writes LegalAware Unfortunately, Professor Stephen Hawking was too unwell to attend his 70th birthday celebration at Cambridge University last week, but a recorded version of his speech made for interesting listening. In it, the… Read more »


Contrary to popular belief, Alex Aldridge is not locked up in a Morroccan jail for crimes against fashion, but taking a break from podcasting fun. Kevin Poulter is joined #RoundMyDiningTable this week by stand-in co-host and ace legal reporter Daniel Hoadley and very special guests Diane Burleigh, Chief Executive of the newly Chartered Institute of… Read more »


Follow @legalaware Initiatives like PRIME won’t change fact current system writes off talented students far too early, says LegalAware According to statistics recently cited by deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, 70% of high court judges and 68% of top barristers are privately-educated, more than half of solicitors attended independent schools, only one in four partners… Read more »


Follow @legalaware But disabled students also have a part to play in improving institutions’ behaviour, says LegalAware How learning providers respond to disabled students could be, in future, quite a telling indicator of the quality of that learning provider, with the government’s white paper, “Putting students at the heart of higher education”, setting out a… Read more »


Follow @khan_sophie It’s harder to get on in law if you’re not white, argues solicitor-advocate Sophie Khan The August riots have forced the debate on whether there truly are equal opportunities for ethnic minorities in this country. Recent analysis by the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office into the background of those arrested have… Read more »


Follow @AlexAldridgeUK Stories of Jewish lawyers in Nazi Germany are both tragic and inspiring Sitting in the reception room of the Law Society’s representative office in Brussels last week (where I was covering a conference), I happened upon an excellent pamphlet produced by the German Federal Bar and the American Bar Association, ‘Jewish Lawyers in… Read more »


Follow @legalaware Diversity has improved in most areas, but disabled law students are still marginalised, says LegalAware All law schools deserve to be scrutinised very carefully in their response to the government white paper entitled, ‘Students at the heart of the system’, over the issue of whether disabled students are seriously disenfranchised. The formidable white… Read more »

#RoundMyKitchenTable: BEING A GAY LAWYER

      Bar Professional Training Course graduate Adam Fellows, who was called to the bar in July, debates LGBT networks and other issues affecting gay lawyers with Kevin Poulter, one of the founders of the Gay Employment Lawyers Network, while I pour the wine. Transcript: Round my kitchen table podcast – being a gay… Read more »