Judge Dread’s coming to town


A chap standing for the bench in the home of country music bears some striking resemblances to the man with the Lawgiver pistol and purveyor of summary executions

Hashtag hilarity: #FakeWongaLawFirms


Following Wonga’s creation of fake law firms Chainey, D’Amato & Shannon and Barker & Lowe, Twitter users have been having some fun with the #FakeWongaLawFirms hashtag. Here are a selection.

Cease and desist letter sent to prevent ‘beardism’ that violates ‘Sexually Dynamic Lifestyle’ moustache trademark goes viral

A spoof cease and desist letter sent by the American Mustache Institute (AMI) to a baseball team featuring a high number of facial hair-sporting members has gone viral after a major news agency took it seriously. The letter — re-produced in full below — states that the Boston Red Sox’s “marketing of beardism violates the expressed federal… Read more »

Lawyer bills 29 hours in one day

A US lawyer is facing disciplinary proceedings after billing for a 29-hour day. According to an audit, state-funded defence work specialist Ben Swift also submitted bills for days where he worked for 23 hours, 21.5 hours and 21 hours… Swift’s own lawyer says that his client — who is the highest-paid court-appointed lawyer in Ohio… Read more »

Law Student Assoc Slammed For Using ‘Disrespectful’ Image To Plug Benefits Of Networking Via Its Facebook Page

Take a school uniform-clad Hollywood star, superimpose over her the logo of your law students’ association, add in some text encouraging female law students to “network” their way to the top rather than follow traditional pathways, and you have a recipe for trouble. Especially when you factor in the power of social media to make… Read more »

Survey Slams ‘Dry’ And ‘Staid’ UK Law Firm Websites

Most of the top 30 UK law firms have “mediocre” websites that are defined by their “dry” approach and “staid” tone, according to a survey by a digital benchmarking company. It names the worst five sites as Holman Fenwick Willan, Addleshaw Goddard, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, DAC Beachcroft and SNR Denton…

Judge Gives Verbose Lawyer a Lesson In Editing

A US judge’s stinging criticism of a lawyer’s ability to write concisely has been doing the rounds on the internet over the last few days. Having criticised the lawyer for exceeding a page-limit of 25 pages, Judge Steven Merryday states… He then proceeds to heavily edit one of the paragraphs submitted by the lawyer:

Lawyer’s Porn Star Past Returns To Haunt Him

A US lawyer has admitted that he starred in porn films in the 1970s then lied when questioned about it during his second campaign for an elected district attorney position. In a news conference on Friday, the upstate New York district attorney Mark Suben (pictured, left, in action during the 70s), said: “Recently materials have… Read more »

Lawyer Beats Astronaut In Survey Of Childhood Dream Jobs

A LinkedIn survey has found that law is the sixth most common dream job, making it a more widely held aspiration than becoming an astronaut, writer or professional athlete. But as you can see in the list below, law (the dream job of 3.9% of those surveyed) is no match for engineering (7.7%) or being… Read more »