Attention to detail most important soft skill for lawyers, research finds

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Problem-solving close second

New research has found attention to detail to be the most sought after soft skill in lawyers.

The survey collected responses from over 1,000 legal professionals in order to better understand the importance of soft skills in the workplace.

More than a quarter (26%) of respondents within the legal industry said attention to detail was the most important soft skill in the workplace. This was followed by problem-solving, which received 22% of the total vote and time management, which followed closely behind with 21% of respondents claiming this to be the most important soft skill for legal professionals.

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The research also concluded that, as employees climb the career ladder, the demand for certain skills change. One skill identified as essential for an existing employee in order to demonstrate to advance in their career was leadership (21%), according to the research undertaken by Business Name Generator (BNG). But only 14% of respondents thought this skill was very important for new joiners.

“Law firms are looking to recruit staff with in-demand skills to ensure they address their changing business needs,” said BNG’s Katrina Haggarty. “We discovered that, despite challenging economic times over the past few years, 70% of companies are still actively looking to hire new employees and almost half are looking to expand skill sets, so there’s a strong incentive for prospective employees and jobseekers to upskill.”

Haggarty added that the study highlighted human skills were still “invaluable” to employers, despite the growing influence of AI and automation posing a threat to job security.

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