‘You Wouldn’t Behave Like That In Court’: Barrister MP Told Off For Heckling Ed Miliband At PMQs

At yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, criminal barrister-turned-MP Michael Ellis (pictured left) heckled Ed Miliband so loudly that he got told off by the Speaker. Ellis, who is listed as non-practising in the most recent register of members’ financial interests having previously worked at Clarendon Chambers, was told: “Mr Ellis, you are a distinguished practising barrister,… Read more »

Five YouTube Clips Every Wannabe Barrister Should Watch

Pupil barrister-to-be OccupyTheInns reveals some unlikely heroes as he advises Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) students to think outside the box when developing their advocacy skills Advocacy is about far more than words. It is also about presence. In this clip from the excellent Animalfightclubs, observe the way the cougar stakes out its territory and… Read more »

A Shaft Of Light At The Junior Criminal Bar? Why New Advocacy Assessment Regime Could Be An Opportunity For Baby Barristers

As the Quality Assurance Scheme For Advocates (QASA) consultation rumbles on, the latest concern is that the new regime could see clients wrongly advised to plead guilty – a result of the new rules allowing inexperienced advocates to appear at preliminary hearings in the Crown Court. To an extent, this already happens. A junior advocate once… Read more »

‘Solicitor Advocates Are Destroying The Junior Bar’

If advocacy is your calling, don’t try to force the creation of a single, merged profession – join the Bar, urges anonymous barrister The Law Horse It is easy to be magnanimous when you are winning. Two weeks ago, Julian Young fired a calculated broadside in The Guardian at the Bar’s attitude towards solicitor advocates,… Read more »