Bad behaviour

Blackmail, Inappropriate Touching And Assault, Amongst Some Other Offences: Annual Judicial Roll Of Shame Released

Most of the 79 members of the judiciary disciplined for misconduct last year were magistrates, although some senior judges found themselves in hot water, too – the freshly-released Office for Judicial Complaints annual report reveals. Here are the highlights. District Judge Michael Wood – “inappropriate” touching and comments Deputy High Court Judge James Allen QC –… Read more »

‘Prostitute’ Lawyer Jailed For Running Belfast Brothel

Natacha Pociana, a qualified lawyer from Brazil, has been jailed for two months after admitting that she co-managed a brothel at a Belfast block of flats. Belfast Magistrates’ Court was also told that Pociana, 32, had admitted during police questioning that she was working as a prostitute herself. The news follows the arrest last year… Read more »

Are City Law Firms Dominated by Posh Lad Culture?

Some firms have a strong penchant for rugby types like ‘spit-roast’ email trainee Daniel England; others less so, says City lawyer Evan Richards Now that the dust has settled on the Daniel England affair, and the ‘spit roast’ email trainee’s employer Shearman & Sterling has apparently dealt with the matter, it’s worth taking a step… Read more »

Lawyers and Tattoos: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

When I saw a picture the other day of Mexican vampire woman Maria Jose Cristerna (below), I was shocked to find out that she is a lawyer. Cristerna’s body art, which includes metal implants in her skull, is of a level of extremity that might deter even the most open-minded of clients. Then again, the… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: £81K Theft Barrister is STILL PRACTISING While On Bail Awaiting Sentencing

A barrister awaiting sentencing after admitting stealing £81,500 from his former chambers represented a client two days ago in Bradford Crown Court, Legal Cheek can exclusively reveal. Earlier this month, on Thursday 12 January, David Friesner (pictured) was told by a judge to expect a “substantial” prison sentence, and handed unconditional bail until 10 February…. Read more »

Tweeting Barrister Struck-Off by BSB

Along with Mike Semple Piggot (@CharonQC), intellectual property barrister David Harris (@Geeklawyer) is one of the first British lawyers to have built up a profile through blogging and tweeting. But Harris’ (pictured) original Geeklawyer blog vanished a couple of years ago, and he has been quiet for a good while on Twitter on account of… Read more »

Contempt of Court : Another One Heads to Jail

A man who shouted obscenities at a judge and punched a bench has become the latest person to be jailed for contempt of court. Sean Hamill hit the bench in the public gallery at Leicester Crown Court so hard that a local newspaper reporter was knocked out of her seat. He then stormed out of… Read more »

Barrister Rebuked for Impersonating Top QC

Yesterday the High Court dismissed barrister David Leathley’s appeal against the Bar Standards Board’s (BSB) finding that he had “intentionally claimed to be Mr Joel Bennathan QC”. Here’s the back-story. In 2007, Leathley (pictured) of Cambria Chambers in Cardiff pretended to be Joel Bennathan QC, of Tooks Chambers in London, in a bid to contact… Read more »

Escape Routes From The Law: Doing a Hollywood

For the legions of training contract hunters out there, being a lawyer is a dream. But it’s not a job that makes everyone happy. The British Hollywood actor Gerard Butler (pictured), who started out as a trainee solicitor with Edinburgh corporate law firm Morton Fraser, didn’t enjoy his time in the legal profession. “If I’d… Read more »

Fraudulent City Lawyer With Fake CV Facing Jail

Ever lied on your CV? I know at least two lawyers at big City law firms whose massaging of results on their application forms helped them get a foot in the door. It’s commoner than you might think – partly because, contrary to what firms might say in public, many don’t bother to check up… Read more »

Judge With The Wild Dogs and The Bad Attitude Retires

Judge and owner of fearsome alsatians Beatrice “fucking travesty” Bolton has retired before the disciplinary process against her could be concluded. Bolton, a circuit judge since 1991, famously described her 2010 conviction for failing to control one of her dogs as “a fucking travesty”, before storming out of a hearing during which she’d irritated magistrates… Read more »