DLA Piper Lawyer Had Affair With Russian Spy Anna Chapman

“What first attracted you to short, balding millionaire Paul Daniels?” Mrs Merton once memorably asked the dancer Debbie McGee. Similar questions are being put to Anna Chapman (pictured left), the glamorous 30-year old Russian arrested for espionage in 2010, after it emerged that she was romantically involved with the rather less glamorous John Altorelli (pictured… Read more »

Online Dating Sites For Lawyers – And Those Keen To Bag One

At a loose end on Valentine’s Day, Alex Aldridge signs up to several websites aimed specifically at members of the legal profession who are looking for love Single? Find yourself attracted to like-minded people? Well, you’re probably already on one of the niche lawyer dating websites which keep appearing. For those who aren’t, I joined… Read more »

‘I WANT TO NET A STUNNER, 25, TOO!’ Auntie Em Advises…

Dear Auntie Em, I read with great interest your piece dated 6 February, ‘Barrister, 40: How I Netted Stunner, 25′. As it happens, I’m 40 myself, a barrister, and, since the breakdown of my relationship two years ago, single. Despite re-reading the aforementioned article a number of times, I’m still not clear how the barrister… Read more »

Barrister, 40: How I Netted Stunner, 25

It began in turquoise waters off Hapuna Beach in Maui. David Wilman, an employed barrister at SJ Berwin, was splashing around trying to forget his daily City grind when he struck up a conversation with Catie Williams, a glamorous young marketing professional from Canada. “Just as I was getting out of the water, she told… Read more »