Anthony Arlidge QC, 75, Ditches Judge Constance Briscoe For Wannabe Barrister, 27

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In his recently relinquished role of Master of Entertainments at Middle Temple, Anthony Arlidge QC was able to “illuminate for…the student body the sheer magic of music, dance, theatre and history.”

Perhaps this capacity explains how the veteran 18 Red Lion Court barrister managed to pull a 27-year old Bar wannabe called “Heather”, for whom he has since left his partner of 12 years, the 9-12 Bell Yard barrister and part-time recorder Constance Briscoe.

Of Heather, Arlidge explained to this morning’s Daily Mail diary column: “We are living together. The relationship is going very well. We share a love of sports — I am taking her to the Olympics to see the football and athletics.”

Briscoe, who is known for her 2008 memoir Ugly, also supplied the paper with a quote. “Tony left me saying he had fallen in love with a girl who was aged 27,” she said. “I was astonished and terribly upset. To fall for someone just a few years older than my own son and daughter — effectively his stepchildren — is just plain daft.”

But who is Heather (described in the Mail only as a “would-be barrister”)? Watch this space…


A spoof named Mostyn

28 year old interns….27 year old aspiring barristers……this place is becoming less and less prestigious :/



Alex – I normally love your blog, but to publish this post is in bad taste. Ms Lockwood never courted the media and she has a reasonable expectation of privacy. Yes her current squeeze might be all over the press, with his ex-wife, but that doesn’t mean you should name and shame her, even if she is so much younger than him. That’s their business.



This comment was meant for the ‘NAMED’ blog post. Mea culpa.


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