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By Alex Aldridge on

In what must surely be a first for a City lawyer, Preiskel & Co head of media law David Allen Green has launched a Facebook fan page. Rising star Green, who combines his day job with a sideline writing for the New Statesman and the Lawyer, has — at the last count — a respectable 1,064 fans.

Naturally, Legal Cheek is among them, spending much of its free time perusing the page. We think it’s a great way for Green to maintain a link with the general public – if, for any reason, the direct line for him listed on his firm’s website isn’t working.

The page also provides fans with an exciting opportunity to get a glimpse of Green in a variety of different outfits and sultry poses (pictured above). His effortless sexiness reminds us of another man who wears a crisp white shirt well.