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Twitter put down of the week

Rookie barrister @RupertMyers’ empathy-radiating response to @OccupyTheInns’ blog (which urged jobless law grads to occupy the Inns of Court).

“My level of sympathy approaches 0. Might as well be an ‘occupy premiership football’ movement.”

Twitter gag of the week

This incredible video of “freemen-on-the-land” arresting a “treasonous” judge and seizing a court reminds criminal defence lawyer @LifeInCustody of something.

“Shockingly similar to the last PTA [parents and teachers meeting] I went to”

Social media moment of the week

Legal blogger extraordinaire @DavidLat

“mispacked (is that a word?) & now must wear a button-down shirt with a suit – #thehorror”

24 hours later…

IP lawyer @BeelJDPhD

“In his snazzy button-down shirt, it’s @DavidLat, shmoozing Oregon Federal Bar Association members, pre-speech.”

Twitter bad boy of the week

Barrister-blogger @AdamWagner1, admonished by the headmistressly @commentisfree

“@AdamWagner1 Chillax, if I may! I’m emailing with @Legalbizzle. Of course responses are vital – but also, not all articles can have one.”

Discrete thank you note of the week

BPP professional education chief @carllygo

“@BPPNews: @Carllygo nominated for tonight’s @eduinvestor awards #EIA2011 in *Outstanding contribution as individual category*” thanks!

Until next week…

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