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Corona-regs barrister launches law centre fundraiser

Doughty Street Chambers’ Adam Wagner targets £15,000

Dec 23 2020 1:15pm

New Statesman Readers Slam ‘Insolent Bloody Human Rights Lawyers’ Following ‘Shyster’ Barrister’s Pro-Human Rights Blog

Yes, that’s New Statesman readers… 1 Crown Office Row barrister Adam Wagner, who also edits...

Mar 5 2013 1:36pm

DPP Slams Twitter Joke Trial QC For Making ‘Cheap Points’ And Failing To Grasp ‘Sophistication’ Of Social Media Issues

Having narrowly beaten Kirsty Brimelow in the last battle of the top QCs, Twitter Joke...

Dec 19 2012 1:50pm

What Will Replace The Fading Dreams Of City Law Megabucks And Criminal Bar Glamour?

This is the central question that the panel will be discussing at Legal Cheek‘s Google...

Dec 5 2012 9:36am

Interview: How To Become a Legal Commentator

Last Thursday, for the first time in ages, I bought a copy of The Times....

Nov 7 2012 11:20am

EVENT: Legal Cheek At The Google Campus

On the evening of Wednesday 5 December Legal Cheek is hosting a star-studded panel debate...

Oct 16 2012 7:55am

End Of The Day Round-Up

‘The full, damning, Hillsborough report’ [independent.gov.uk via @adamwagner1] Hillsborough families have the truth. Justice will...

Sep 12 2012 5:43pm

PODCAST: The Future Of Legal Blogging

This week’s #RoundMyKitchenTable podcast guest, City University’s Emily Allbon (pictured), is one of the pioneers...

Jul 13 2012 2:29pm

Got a 2:2? Want To Be a Barrister? Well, You’ve Got a Chance

While researching my article about sitting the Kaplan BPTC aptitude test for the Guardian this...

Mar 14 2012 1:53pm

Legal Tweeters Shunned In The Independent’s Twitter 100

The legal profession is waking up this morning to the distressing news that not a...

Mar 1 2012 10:00am


Follow @DanHLawReporter Barrister-turned-law reporter Daniel Hoadley explains what it’s like to document court cases, and...

Nov 24 2011 11:01am


Follow @LegalCheek Legal Cheek is watching you… Twitter put down of the week Rookie barrister...

Nov 18 2011 2:41pm


Follow @JoshuaRozenberg Joshua Rozenberg, Britain’s best-known legal commentator, takes 5 minutes out to share his...

Oct 27 2011 8:49am