The Big Fight: David Allen Green vs Charon QC

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Legal Cheek reports as the blogging heavyweights go head-to-head in a spectacular Twitter bust-up

Still brimming with elation six weeks after being included in GQ magazine’s list of the 100 most influential men in Britain, media lawyer-journo David Allen Green (pictured) couldn’t resist one more celebratory tweet.

“I wonder if @LouiseMensch will buy as many copies of GQ this month as I did last month ;-)” he wrote yesterday to his close friend Mensch; the Tory MP having just done an interview with the magazine herself.

It was more than the self-styled godfather of legal blogging Charon QC (AKA Mike Semple Piggot) – a shock omission from the GQ list – could take.

“. @JackofKent @LouiseMensch Jeez… give it a rest… please… both of you…. enough already ?” wrote Charon, who decries hierarchy in all its forms, before adding: “:-) sick of all the aggrandising…”

Now, the 64th most influential man in the country doesn’t take shit like that.

Dusting down a freshly-laundered crisp white shirt of the type pictured above, Green hit back: “Ha ha – is what I do more, er, “self-aggrandising” as devoting whole blogposts to just your own tweets :-)”

Temperatures rose, and as is customary in Twitter bust-ups, both men went on to accuse each other of bullying, began dropping the smiley faces and, gripped by rage, forgot how to spell.

Green: “Ha ha, Mike – if anyone is routineley self-aggandising and petty-bullying, it is you, and you well know it.”

Charon/Mike (pictured): “You don’t appear to be that good at argument… the tweets I do are intentionally ironic… now get back in your box…”

There was more, much more, but it got a bit samey.

Then suddenly Charon remembered the podcast he co-hosts with Green (a kind of low-fi version of Legal Cheek’s RoundMyKitchenTable podcast, recorded under water).

“Went a bit too far with [DAG’s Twitter name] @jackofKent for which I apologise…rarely disagree with his law analysis..which is why I enjoyed podcasting et al. !” he wrote.

And the sun shone once more.

DAG: “Many thanks Mike, greatly appreciated. Happy to move on :-)”

Legal Cheek verdict: “64th most influential man in Britain” billing weighing heavy on Green as he fails to deliver knock-out punch, but lands enough blows to seize king of legal blogging crown from Charon on points


Charon QC

Alex- most amusing…..

I don’t do crowns… and could not give a damn !



I listen to Without Prejudice without fail. Yours, Alex, not so much. The sound of a few yuppies and wannabe-yuppies blurting around your kitchen table is significantly less interesting and relevant to the yoof than you think.

Similarly, I follow DAG and Mike’s coverage fairly religiously. DAG writes eloquently about areas of the law I’m very interested in, and Mike’s is, unlike yours, actually quite witty.

I wonder whether any of this is related to Mike repeatedly calling you out for your poor treatment of Ashley Connick? Who knows. Enough of this sneery, snide coverage. It smacks of desperation, of someone who jumped onto the blogging train too late and is being dragged over its rails. Stick to writing crap articles for the Guardian, at least that’ll pay you a fee.


I say it with love

The egos do get tiresome.

And this makes the David Brent look all the more hilarious.


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