EXCLUSIVE: Cottaging At The Inner Temple – Police Patrolling Sex Venue Toilets

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By Alex Aldridge on

Inner Temple has been forced to call in the police to deal with groups of cottagers who keep having sex in its toilets, Legal Cheek can exclusively reveal.

The extent of the problem is illustrated by the fact that the Inner Temple library toilets now feature on a number of specialist gay cruising websites, including gayscout.com and cruisinggays.com (pictured below).

Plain-clothed City of London police officers are now patrolling the Inn (see picture below).

A notice placed by City of London police in the Inner Temple library toilets

The Inner Temple library toilets, which can be accessed by the public, contain not just urinals and toilet cubicles, but also an enticing walk-in shower (pictured below).

According to cruisinggays.com, the main people who use the toilet for sex are “cute barristers’ clerks in suits, workmen employed by the Inn or working in the area, some students using the library and a few horny lawyers.”

However, sources at Inner Temple suggested that the cottaging was performed chiefly by members of the public, although they added that they couldn’t be sure that Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) students or barristers with a connection to the Inn weren’t involved.