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Family barristers star in Foo Fighters spoof music video

3PB's eye-catching music video includes a dog dressed as an alien

Jul 2 2020 9:24am

Legal Twitterati unusually quiet on A-Level results day

But excitable teens take to social media to trumpet success

Aug 15 2019 12:38pm

‘So Why Be A Lawyer? There Are Many Bad Reasons…’

Ed note: This is the sixth in a series of posts where leading members of...

Nov 30 2012 3:19pm

Lawyer Beats Astronaut In Survey Of Childhood Dream Jobs

A LinkedIn survey has found that law is the sixth most common dream job, making...

Nov 19 2012 10:24am

Think Twice Before You Press That Retweet Button

The bit from Keir Starmer QC’s speech at the LSE last night that got everyone...

Oct 25 2012 8:10am

At Last, Some Good News For Jobless LPC Graduates: If You’re Convicted Of a Crime, You’ll Get a Lighter Sentence Than Other People

Last month, BPP Law School Legal Practice Course (LPC) graduate Victoria Lawson admitted stealing more...

Sep 20 2012 9:25am

Leap To The Other Side: Camden New Journal Music Editor On How She’s Juggling Journalism And Law

For the past two years I have been leading a double life – part music...

Aug 21 2012 1:47pm

Taking The Piss Out Of Judges To Be Legalised

At Legal Cheek, we enjoy taking the piss out of judges. Especially when they appear...

Aug 13 2012 3:35pm

‘Inaccuracies About the Legal Profession Make Me Cross’: BBC Drama Silk Returns To Torment Lawyers

Silk returned for its second series last night, enraging the country’s more pedantic legal professionals...

May 16 2012 10:02am

PODCAST: Scrap Trainee Minimum Salary And ‘Only The Rich’ Will Become Solicitors, Says Junior Lawyers Division Chief

The minimum trainee salary debate is developing into quite a fight – with the latest...

May 4 2012 3:02pm

‘The Prestige Factor’: Queen Mary or Durham For Law?

Last week I received this email from a student: “The prestige factor” is a major...

Apr 16 2012 12:30pm

If You Put Trainee Solicitors On Housing Benefits, You Cut The Price Of Law School, Right?

Following the announcement by the Law Society that trainee solicitors on housing benefit is “not...

Apr 13 2012 1:04pm

EXCLUSIVE: Cottaging At The Inner Temple – Police Patrolling Sex Venue Toilets

Inner Temple has been forced to call in the police to deal with groups of...

Mar 30 2012 9:01am

Royal Charter Spurs Awed CILEX Lawyers To Remove Shoes: EXCLUSIVE PICS

The Royal Charter conferred recently upon law’s plucky underdogs, legal executives, carries great power, elevating...

Mar 28 2012 12:26pm

The Worst Training Contract Pitch Ever?

“It took me five years to finish that law degree, thanks to rugby,” British Lions...

Mar 27 2012 12:54pm

Bar Social Mobility Scheme Strikes Blow For The 99%

Inner Temple’s work experience initiative is infused with the spirit of the Occupy movement, writes...

Mar 16 2012 10:29am