‘Inaccuracies About the Legal Profession Make Me Cross’: BBC Drama Silk Returns To Torment Lawyers

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By Alex Aldridge on

Silk returned for its second series last night, enraging the country’s more pedantic legal professionals – many of whom took to Twitter to vent their spleen at the show with outbursts along the lines of:

But there’s no such thing as female robing rooms!?

How dare they suggest our ethics could be compromised by the legal aid cuts!?

Judges can’t tell juries to find people guilty, god dammit!

We would never, ever use a euphemism like “swimming in the ladies pond”!

Meanwhile, there has been a huge spike in LLB, GDL, LPC and BPTC applications as a generation of youngsters aspire “to be the next Martha Costello”.

As viewers mourned the murder of Costello’s poor client in a horrific revenge attack in last night’s closing scene, College of Law and BPP Law School bosses Nigel Savage and Peter Crisp were spotted high fiving each other in delight at the popularity of the show among Britain’s impressionable youth.