Criminal Justice Guru Mervyn Barrett OBE Certainly Has a Lot Of Twitter Followers…

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Mervyn Barrett OBE, who is running to be police and crime commissioner in Lincolnshire, has a lot of Twitter followers: 17,046, to be precise.

Often, by Barrett’s own admission, it can be “hard to keep track” of all those social media devotees.

But it turns out that such problems are rather new for Barrett, who as recently as 28 June had just 330 followers…

According to Twitter Counter, 29 June was quite a day for the criminal justice guru, whose follower count leapt by a massive 1,667 followers to a total of almost 2,000 (see graph below).

30 June was really good, too, as another 1,668 jumped on board the Mervyn Twitter train, placing his follower count at 3,665. 1 July was also great, as was the 2 July and the 3 July….before things suddenly calmed down on the 9 July, with Barrett at 17,014 followers.

Barrett’s recent huge growth in follower numbers coincides with his plea for campaign funding for his police and crime commissioner bid.

One legal tweeter reckoned this was unfair, telling me: “The importance of that is that he’s now asking for money for his campaign. You may look at his account and think, blimey, he’s got 17k followers so he must be influential/a good egg, so I think it’s disingenuous of him not to get rid of them to show the true state of his influence.”

So far, Barrett hasn’t responded to Legal Cheek’s request for comment. But encouragingly for the companies which sell Twitter followers for as little as £8 per 1,000 followers, his campaign slogan is “expect more”.

In other buying-Twitter-followers news, @LexFuturus‘s over 30,000 followers have dramatically plummeted to a still rather implausible 22,935 since the publication of this article last month.



The mind boggles. I am continuing with my policy of if they’re following Charon QC or David Allen Green or Legal Bizzle, they can’t be a pornbot … surely?



Does anyone actually care? It is Twitter for goodness sake! And what a pompous quote from a “legal tweeter”!



Does anyone actually care? Agree with William – could the “legal tweeter” get any more pompous!!



Of course people care. And of course it matters. Mr Barratt is mis-representing himself especially as a lot of these Twitter ‘followers’ are said to be from the Brazilian sex industry. (Sunday Times 28th August)
I heard him on Radio Lincolnshire saying about this that it was “hugely entertaining”. And “it’s only Twitter” inferring Twitters unimportance. However he has been bigging up the fact he has a huge following previously to being outed by journalists.
He cant have this both ways can he? Or am I just being a silly goose?


Richard Enderby

You are right Antonia – Of course it matters, and it is not a case of whether it is “Twitter” or not, it is the principle – Can’t people see that? – Believe me a lot of Lincs people I speak to really care about it, and it will cost him many votes in my opinion. As I keep saying this is a job interview for the top job in nothing less than the police force, and the people in Lincs are going to fill the vacancy. Does it really give anyone the urge to vote for him knowing what has happened on his “Twitter” site, and even more importantly the fact he did nothing about it? Until the “Sunday Times” article he wouldn’t even comment on it – even though it was only “Twitter people” asking him. “Bigging up” is for American polls – and presumably that is why he also modestly describes himself as “The Leading Independent Candidate” – Leading my foot!
I would urge Lincs people to look at the record of David Bowles, together with his experience, integrity, success, and the way he has stood against wrong doing, and then see who is really the “Leading Independent Candidate.”




I really don’t think many of us care about Twitter as much as you do! Certainly not enough to sustain interest neither in blow-by-blow updates of how many “followers” random lawyers and law firms get, nor in how they acquired them. The fact that these individuals were vain and weird enough to purchase fake followers was genuinely interesting – once. We don’t need to know any time anyone else ever does it.



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