Huge Follower Count Of Celebrity Solicitor Dean Dunham Plummets As Fear Spreads About Being Outed for Buying Twitter Disciples

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By Alex Aldridge on

The other week we reported the spectacular – and rather unnatural – growth in the Twitter follower count of police commissioner candidate Mervyn Barrett OBE.

Perhaps self-styled “celebrity lawyer” Dean Dunham (pictured), purveyor of legal advice in The Sun, read our article. Because since then Dunham’s enormous Twitter follower account – which once stood at well in excess of 72,000 – has been in freefall…

According to Twitter Counter, the esteemed lawyer lost 2,831 followers yesterday, following a lengthy run of exactly 147 Twitter devotee desertions a day – leaving his follower count at a mere 69,029 (see graph below).

There was consolation for Dunham, though, in the loyalty shown by the likes of “Cherise Bozek” (pictured below), a “qualified reader” from Copenhagen, who, alongside tens of thousands of other disciples of the solicitor, has stubbornly refused to join the mounting exodus.

Legal Cheek approached Dunham for comment this morning, and received this response: “We think that my account was hijacked and as a result silly messages were being sent from my account.”