A G&T With @LegalTrainee Founder Izzy Abidi

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By Alex Aldridge on

Earlier this week I caught up with Eversheds trainee Izzy Abidi – the brains behind award-winning junior lawyer Twitter sensation @LegalTrainee – in Shoreditch’s Commercial Tavern.

Acting as a kind of virtual shepherd, @LegalTrainee guides individual Eversheds trainees as they roam through the social media pastures, keeping them loosely in unison, making sure nobody does anything crazy and facilitating their dealings with other legal rookies.

Abidi (pictured), who was a journalist before she went into law, is handing over the account this month as she qualifies and relinquishes her trainee status. As slightly annoying jazz music plays in the background, Abidi tells me in four snappy minutes where the idea came from, how it has worked so well and where she sees the future of social media for lawyers…

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