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Call to the bar: Which Inn has the best boozer?

Ranked by future pupil barrister

Nov 23 2023 9:18am

Inner and Middle Temple come together to help Ukrainian lawyers find UK legal work

Scheme matches candidates with suitable employment opportunities

Aug 10 2022 12:09pm

The Beckhams descend on Middle Temple

Legal connection brings celeb family together

Dec 29 2021 6:02pm

Barristers fall out over Middle Temple LGBTQ+ qualifying session

Huge trans rights row divides the bar

Nov 16 2021 4:31pm

£6 million up for grabs as Inns open bar scholarship applications

You've got to be in it to win it 🤑

Sep 22 2021 12:54pm

Here’s what a 150-year-old land law exam looks like

Courtesy of Middle Temple

May 21 2021 12:44pm

‘Middle Temple must strip Boris of his honorary status’

The PM is an honorary bencher. Some 'do-gooder' needs to put a stop to that, says mature law student Laurence Cooper

Nov 13 2020 9:09am

The best festive firs from across the legal profession ?

From law firm lobbies to Inns of Court of libraries... it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Dec 20 2019 8:47am
Barriters wigs gowns

Why do barristers wear wigs and gowns?

New Middle Temple exhibition explains the origins of our unusual court garb

Oct 19 2018 11:03am

Not guilty: Man accused of robbing High Court judge on Middle Temple Lane cleared of wrongdoing

Terry Brown offered no defence and refused to leave his prison cell during the trial

Jun 1 2017 11:56am

Middle Temple lands itself yet another TV cameo, this time in new Tom Hardy drama ‘Taboo’

The heart of legal London transported back to the 1800s

Jan 16 2017 11:05am

Man appears in court charged with mugging High Court judge by the Royal Courts of Justice

Mr Justice Knowles was apparently robbed on Middle Temple Lane

Dec 13 2016 2:59pm

Harry Potter, Professor Dumbledore and Hagrid lookalikes visit Middle Temple

Magical scenes in heart of legal London

Nov 30 2016 2:45pm

£5 million up for grabs as Inns of Court open BPTC scholarship applications

Bar hopefuls have less than a month to apply

Oct 10 2016 10:26am

Barrister receives police caution after fight at Middle Temple student qualifying session

Brawl marks the arrival of Christmas party season

Nov 20 2015 9:26am

Why do wannabe barristers have to accept their BPTC place before they know if they’ve got an Inns scholarship?

The conventional wisdom is that students are unwise to do the Bar Professional Training Course...

May 30 2013 9:29am

Standards Slipping At The Bar…

Picture courtesy of must-follow legal tweeter Jeremy Hopkins.

Nov 22 2012 11:09am

Is The Legal Profession Really On The Verge Of Revolution?

There was excited talk of “profound change”, “broken business models” and “the end of Law...

Oct 9 2012 12:09pm