Law Graduate Launches Online Begging Campaign To Save Him From Living With His Parents Until He’s 40

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By Alex Aldridge on

In Britain, law graduates who have failed to secure jobs as solicitors/barristers either toil away silently for years as paralegals to pay off their legal education debts, or sue Asda for £15,000.

But in America, where law school debt levels are higher, and the spirit of entrepreneurialism greater, they beg online launch “21st century street busking” campaigns in a bid to turn their lives around.

Meet Nick (pictured above), a 30 year-old graduate of Georgetown Law School, who lives with his parents having borrowed over $160,000 (£100,000) to fund his legal studies – and then realised that law wasn’t for him.

Nick explains: “Halfway through [law school], I finally found the courage to admit what I had known all along: I belonged in the arts. Despite having worked consistently since graduation – albeit not in a legal capacity – I’m crippled by student loans. At this rate, I’ll be living with my parents well into my 40s.”

In return for cash to help him pay of his debts, Nick is offering anything from a “personalised email and picture” ($5) to the opportunity to tattoo him with a logo of your choosing ($2,500).

Mid-range packages include “your own theme song” ($500) and a personally tailored short story ($100).

Nick explains the thinking behind his campaign in the clip below…

So far Nick’s campaign has made him…$300.

Nick’s indiegogo campaign page is here. You can contact him via Twitter .