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‘Omnishambles’: Law school bosses react to SQE exam fiasco

Mix of concern and anger

Apr 15 2024 3:16pm

What I wish I’d known as a first year law student

Future trainee solicitor Christian Stocker offers his reflections

Feb 27 2024 8:52am

How to overcome disappointing first year law school grades

Oxford law postgrad and Legal Cheek writer Sophie Dillon offers up her top tips

Feb 23 2024 8:56am

If law modules were Star Wars films

May the force (majeure) be with you…

Nov 24 2023 7:49am

Twice as many women as men apply to study law

Overall law school applications have increased by over 17,000 since 2019, UCAS data shows

Feb 8 2023 9:33am

Rank your law school modules

'Dance Moms' TikTok trend given legal twist

Dec 8 2022 11:32am

Guest v Guest: The recent Supreme Court ruling law students need to know

New leading case on proprietary estoppel

Dec 2 2022 8:13am

A law fresher’s advice to future freshers

Legal Cheek campus ambassador Rachel Arrouas reflects on her first few weeks at law school and offers up her top tips for success

Nov 8 2022 9:13am

‘I’m not enjoying my law degree. Will I enjoy being a lawyer?’

Lengthy judgments and dull modules

Oct 28 2022 9:21am

Top literary references and Latin phrases law students need to know

From Virgil’s Aeneid to the Da Vinci Code

Sep 14 2022 9:24am

Lady Danbury dropped out of law school

Bridgerton star Adjoa Andoh left UWE Bristol after two years to pursue acting career, reports claim

Apr 4 2022 11:50am

Ukraine president is a law graduate

From lawyer to war hero

Mar 3 2022 9:16am

Over two-thirds of law applicants are female

UCAS data shows almost one in ten of all applications are for law

Feb 1 2022 9:05am

7 Christmas movie characters as the people you meet at law school

We all know and love these Christmas classics, but how many of these law students do you know and love?

Dec 24 2021 8:55am

Law students seminar bingo card goes viral

'Habeas Corpus' ✅

Dec 2 2021 10:13am

What they don’t teach you at law school

From time recording to 'playing the game' -- solicitor Baljinder Singh Atwal shares lessons and tips from his time in practice so far

Nov 12 2021 9:09am

Mum uses OnlyFans to fund daughter’s law degree

Pulls in £14k a month 🤳

Mar 25 2021 11:06am

10 things law students can look forward to in the post-pandemic world

You’ll never take your law school for granted again

Feb 23 2021 8:48am