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Revealed: 60% of lawyers think visible tattoos are not acceptable in their firms and chambers

Could we see a discrimination case in the near future?

May 25 2017 10:52am

‘Can You Be A Lawyer With Tattoos?’ Asks Wannabe Barrister Professor Green

And the answer to rapper Professor Green’s question, which he asked the other day on...

Dec 20 2012 10:20am

Law Graduate Launches Online Begging Campaign To Save Him From Living With His Parents Until He’s 40

In Britain, law graduates who have failed to secure jobs as solicitors/barristers either toil away...

Oct 2 2012 12:03pm

EXPLAINED: Why Kim Kardashian Wants To Date A Lawyer

This morning it emerged that Kim Kardashian is looking to go out with a lawyer....

Mar 29 2012 1:04pm

#RoundMyKitchenTable: Tattoos, Converting to Law in Your Late 20s & Office Politics

This week podcast hosts Alex Aldridge and Kevin Poulter are joined by Daniela Valdez, an...

Feb 3 2012 3:33pm

Lawyers and Tattoos: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

When I saw a picture the other day of Mexican vampire woman Maria Jose Cristerna...

Jan 31 2012 2:11pm