#RoundMyKitchenTable PODCAST: How The Disappearance Of Privacy Is Driving Lawyers Crazy

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These days, lawyers seem to spend half their time trying to come up with new rules to regulate social media, and the rest letting off steam through the creation of comedy videos (see here, here and below) which they then feel compelled to share on YouTube.

How can they reclaim their dignity and save hate-filled Twitter users from each other?

Bircham Dyson Bell solicitor Kevin Poulter and Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge have all the answers in the podcast below…

This podcast is also available on iTunes.



‘dafuq I just watch?


Uncle Solicitor @unclesolicitor

That video is gewgawery of the most awful kind. It does nothing to enhance the reputation of the firm, except in the mind of the least creative elements of society. Some of the other staff, perhaps? How would any client find this interesting?

It does keep the staff busy though, doesn’t it! You can’t have them spending their energy establishing their own firms, thinking about life outside their firm, competing with their firm, or otherwise sailing their own ship!


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