The Bar Conference In Tweets: Most Retweeted, Most Eye-Catching, Most Amusing

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By Legal Cheek on

Amid the mutual back-slapping at Saturday’s 27th annual Bar conference, there was gossip, intrigue and subversive humour – much of which was relayed to the world via Twitter by the hordes of smartphone-bearing attendees…

Top Five Most Retweeted

1. @TimesLaw

2. @BarCouncil

3. @JoshuaRozenberg

4. @LegalHackette

5. @FelicityGerry

Top Five Most Eye-Catching

1. @2NewStreet

2. @LauraPatrick7

3. @JoshuaRozenberg

4. @Torkini

5. @LegalFutures

Top Five Most Amusing

1. @RichardMoorhead

2. @MayaWolfeRobinson

3. @MartinGeorge

4. @Matthew_Parfitt

5. @Rachel_Rothwell