Ex-Eastenders and Strictly Star Chris Parker On His Frustration With Law Firms’ A-Level Obsession

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After spending his 20s as an actor, rising to fame in Eastenders and Strictly Come Dancing (see below), Chris Parker decided he wanted to get serious and become a lawyer….

So he enrolled in a law degree at Birkbeck College, University of London, continued working doing TV presenting and voice-over work, and is set to graduate next year. But Parker has a problem. Because he got into acting young, he doesn’t have any A-levels. And we all know how beloved A-Levels are to law firms as a way of sifting TC applications.

Having scored high grades in his degree modules so far, Parker shares his frustration on the A-Level issue with solicitor Kevin Poulter and Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge (the trio are pictured below), before helping them understand the current trend for celebs to become lawyers

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Decent podcast. Good luck to the guy.


Uncle Solicitor

“You do need to put a lot of hours into it.”

Indeed you do Sire. And a whole lot more too.

And if you think that law is ‘hard to get into’ then try becoming a Hollywood A List actor.



Northern accents are sooo annoying.



Why is Chris applying for training contracts when he could be applying for pupillage?

Solicitors, in my experience, can’t see past the papers – whereas a chambers just might be into his background.

Good luck to him – Birkbeck is highly regarded and he’s done well.


Uncle Solicitor

Hilarious. That doesn’t speak much for your experience then does it now Sire?


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