The Anonymous Twitter Account Causing A Storm Among Nation’s Law Students

By LC on

Law students don’t get out much, preferring instead to pour their energies into work – and procrastination. Enter @LawVicissitudes, an anonymous Twitter account which is causing a storm among British wannabe lawyers.

Since launching less than two months ago, @LawVicissitudes has rapidly hauled in over 4,000 followers, with retweets of its pithy one-liners about what’s on the minds of us legal library hermits bounding round the law student Twittersphere. Speculation about who is behind the account is rife, but the identity of @LawVicissitudes remains a mystery.

Here, grouped into category type for your convenience, are my top ten @LawVicissitudes tweets to date…

For those with a rebellious streak, some thrilling ways to break the rules

After hours in the library, the lines between reality and legal study can begin to blur…

Still, being a law student has its advantages…

@LawVicissitudes has come up with some #Lawesome hashtags!

And finally…my personal favourite