He’s Got 284 Law Student Problems But A Twitter Follower Shortage Ain’t One

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By Alex Aldridge on

In just two months, with a mere 284 tweets, anonymous law student ‘LawVicissitudes’ has taken Twitter by storm, hauling in almost 6,000 followers with his brilliant #LawStudentProblems.

Yesterday, Legal Cheek blogger Lucy Pether and I went to meet the bright young thing behind some of the most memorable legal tweets of the year, including “#LawTips: edit the Wikipedia page after copying it to avoid plagiarism” and “Downloading torrents whilst sitting in an Intellectual Property Lecture. #Lawkward”.

Over a cup of tea at his digs in a city somewhere in England, we chatted with the darling of the law student social media world (pictured below)…

“One day I was just sat in my room and I thought, ‘There’s no accounts about UK law student problems…there’s a definite gap there,'” LawVicissitudes tells us as he charts his incredible Twitter journey in the podcast below, before going on to reveal his confidentiality concerns as he bids to keep entertaining the country’s law students while battling to secure a training contract.

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