Video: The moment a drunk lawyer strips from waist down and lunges at police after apparently running away from a cab without paying

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New York lawyer Stephanie Hendricks had quite an evening on Saturday. After a heavy drinking session with pals, the sole practitioner at Hendricks Law Firm stripped from the waist down and lunged at police, before throwing her knickers at them. The 39 year-old had apparently previously done a runner from a cab, reports the New York Post. Some of the action was captured on the CCTV of the Brooklyn deli where Hendricks fled post-cab ride…

According to the police, as she lunged at them Hendricks yelled: “Suck my pussy,” and, “Eat my ass, you fucking pigs!” Recalling the scene, deli owner Mohammad Rahman, 54, said: “She…showed everything to the cop…She had no panties.”

Hendricks has since issued this explanation: “My boyfriend broke up with me. I went out. I got drunk. I had a bad night. It was obviously an altercation, but I have no recollection from a certain point in the evening.”

She added: “Things were flowing. Then things got out of control. I was wasted – all caps bold. You couldn’t get bigger, all caps bold, wasted.”