10 of the most unhinged comments about lawyers to ever grace the Mail Online

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By Alex Aldridge on

What with Robert Colover‘s labelling of a paedophile’s victim as “predatory”, the emergence of Barbara Hewson as a contrarian media star and the small matter of the legal aid and civil justice reforms, it has been a difficult time for the legal profession’s relationship with the tabloid press of late.

Accordingly, it’s no surprise that the comments section of the Mail Online has been awash with so much anti-lawyer bile. Here are some of the most unhinged recent reader contributions, alongside a couple of classics from the archive…

Of course, everyone knows who the true predators are…

Is it a bat? Or is it a vulture?

The unparalleled hideousness of the go-getting lawyer

A three step plan to combat “so called” lawyers

Parasites lining their, er, pockets again

Lawyers: contaminating middle England

Lawyers: not even worthy of being pissed on.

Lawyer roadkill

Filth and Bollinger

A solution to the Bollinger problem