The Durham Uni law student pulling in City firm-levels of cash in return for dating sugar daddies

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By Thomas Connelly on

Final year law student earns £1,500 for between two and three “dates” a month


A hard-up Durham University student has given a revealing interview about the reality of dating older men in return for cash and gifts to help get through her law degree.

Speaking anonymously to The Tab, final year legal hopeful “Melissa” (not her real name) charts her liaisons with a host of “sugar daddies” through specialist dating websites. She goes on to detail how she is earning £1,500 for “two or three dates a month” with her current older squeeze.

The hefty fee, which suggests an hourly rate that a City lawyer would be happy with, has helped the Durham rookie overcome the money issues faced by many law students now that undergraduate fees have trebled to £9,000 a year and Legal Practice Course (LPC) and Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) rates continue to rise.

“At the start, I was having difficulties financially because I quit my job before university and I didn’t want to rely on my family,” she told the website

In the interview, Melissa explains how meeting up with men for money initially freaked her out.

“It was weird at first. I was extremely shaky because it’s like nothing I’ve ever done before. I’m a law student and it’s peculiar to do something like that. I wanted to walk out,” she relayed.

However, she has since met a “warm” guy who she is now dating regularly. The gentleman works in the oil industry and lives in London. He pays for her to travel down from Durham to attend the dates. In addition to the cash he pays to the student, the man is set to take her on a trip to Dubai and has even promised her an Audi TT sports car.

The duo met on a website called Seeking Arrangement which, alongside other sugar daddy websites such as, is becoming increasingly popular among students at British universities. It provides an way for Sugar Babies (young men and women) to meet high net worth individuals (Sugar Daddies or Mommas) who will lavish gifts upon them in return for their “companionship”.

Seeking Arrangement claims that it has over one million female students on its books, 73% of whom are undergraduates. 36% of those who participated in a recent survey by the site said they were going to use the money they make to pay their tuition fees, while a further 20% said they would use the money on books.

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