7 unforgettable images to remember Chris Grayling’s time as Justice Secretary by

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By Alex Aldridge on

Good riddance, Chris, it has been a blast

The growth of social media, memes and high-quality smartphone cameras meant that Michael Gove’s predecessor became the most visually-celebrated Lord Chancellor in history…

1. Chris Grayling as the devil’s emissary on earth


Some attendees at the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives annual dinner last year wondered if a cheeky seating-planner had deliberately put the Justice Secretary in front of the lightning/crucifix backdrop.

Others interpreted the positioning — at event venue Christ Church in Spitalfields, east London — as a conclusive signal from the Almighty that Grayling is indeed the devil’s emissary on earth.

2. Which animal does Chris Grayling look like?

An Argentine Red Tegu, obviously (from the acclaimed ‘6 animals that look like Chris Grayling’).


3. The doge meme meets Chris Grayling

Such Lord Chancellor.


4. The Chris Grayling papier mache head

This model of the former Lord Chancellor has graced many a pro-legal aid demo — and London bus ride.


5. Somehow Grayling managed to sneer in every press photo taken of him

The future is, er, terrifying.


6. Aaargghhh! It’s Chris Grayling!

Save UK Justice’s classic interpretation of Edvard Munch’s The Scream.


7. Chris Grayling: the bald, middle aged man who is not Chris Grayling MP

Poor Kent-based maths tutor and writer Chris Grayling has copped a lot of abuse over the last three years.


Michael Gove, ready yourself…