Latest landmark for Amal Clooney – first professional lookalike hits party circuit

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By Judge John Hack on

A holiday worker from Cornwall has teamed with a Kent cleaner to mirror high-flying barrister and her middle-aged actor hubby


No matter how many achievements barrister Amal Alamuddin (aka Mrs George Clooney) clocks up in her legal career — innumerable appearances before the European Court of Human Rights, the UK Appeal and Supreme courts, reams of definitive research at Columbia University’s law school — this landmark is going to take some beating.

A holiday park employee from Cornwall has become the first Amal Clooney professional lookalike. Gina Annabel has teamed up with cleaner Gary Tate to form an Amal and George double act.

According to a report from Kent Online, the website for the Kent Messenger newspaper, 57-year-old Tate has been in the George Clooney lookalike game for nearly two decades. But following the Hollywood A-lister’s nuptials last year to the star of the bar from London’s Doughty Street Chambers, Tate had felt that his act was missing an important component.

Meanwhile, down in the surfer and pasty paradise that is Cornwall, everyone Gina Annabel bumped into was telling her that she was the spit of England’s greatest human rights barrister.

Initially Annabel was tempted to contact US Clooney lookalike, David Siegel, after seeing him on UK television. But ultimately, she reckoned that it made better professional sense to land a George lookalike closer to home. And as remote as Cornwall is, the county is closer to Kent than it is to America.


Tate, who runs a company called Gary’s Cleaning, told the newspaper:

Gina Annabel is the first Amal lookalike I’ve seen. I’ve never worked with anyone else because, before Amal, George was single and wasn’t really seen with anyone. George is a good celebrity to look like because he’s an A-lister. I get a steady stream of jobs coming in but hopefully I’ll get even more now I’ve got Gina.

Indeed, some suggest the real George adopts the same position regarding Amal.

Tate is something of a local celebrity, according to the report, not least owing to the fact that the husband of a George Clooney fan recently offered the lookalike £5,500 to sleep with his wife for her 40th birthday.

The paper reported that Tate politely declined. It also said that Tate and Annabel would be keeping their relationship on an entirely professional footing.

“I’m not going to be marrying her,” Tate told the paper.

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