Is this the real ‘Suits’ law firm?

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Ok, so they’re in unfashionable Toronto and not NYC, but the airbrushed Henein Hutchison mob has nailed the look just in time for broadcast of series five


Despite all modern life’s diversions — Xbox, social media rows, hours of Candy Crush frustration, and even just talking to mates down the boozer — some people still spend too much time in front of the telly.

Meet the airbrushed law firm of the year so far — Toronto’s Henein Hutchison.

As at least one Twitter commentator pointed out recently, these lawyers are far too keen on the cult US TV series Suits, which has just kicked off its fifth season.


There must be a shed-load of money in white-collar crime work in Ontario, because this specialist firm appears to have recruited the entire Suits production/design crew and costume department to create its website.

While clearly the themes of the Mad Men for the law series — deception, fraud and professional negligence — do not apply to the Canadians, the firm certainly has bought into the look.

First up are Marie Henein and Scott Hutchison, the named partners who mirror the fictional founding partners of Suits law firm Pearson Specter Litt, Jessica Lourdes Pearson and Louis Marlowe Litt.


Then there’s Samuel Walker adopting the mantle of Harvey Reginald Specter. And finally Matthew Gourlay, who for our purposes slots into the crucial role of Michael James “Mike” Ross.


Although, to be fair, while Ross’s core character point is that he never attended university, let alone bag a Harvard law degree, we are confident that Gourlay’s creditntials from Toronto University are as pukka as they come and that he is fully qualified to practise as an Ontario barrister.

Keep an eye on the Henein Hutchison site as it is bound to evolve with release of the sixth series of Suits next year.