Royal Courts of Justice chiefs in security crackdown to beat terror threat

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By Judge John Hack on

But crisis looms over fire extinguisher shortfall


In this era of heightened terror threats, it is reassuring to see staff at London’s Royal Courts of Justice are taking no chances.

Security supremos at the George Edmund Street-designed building have clearly got their heads round one of the country’s most serious dangers — lawyers carrying coins, keys and mobile phones towards the walls of an 1870s structure. Evidence of the ramped up security measures was today sent to the Legal Cheek tip-off line.

Sadly, however, the health and safety brigade at The Strand building — which houses civil and criminal courts of appeal — have rather let the side down on the fire extinguisher front.

There will be reams of H&S advisory notes detailing the importance of having two fully operational devices within no more than two feet of an electronic scanner wall protection apparatus. However, in this instance, it is clear that only one extinguisher is in place.

Heads will undoubtedly roll.