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By Jonathan Ames on

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From Andy Burnham bids to battle Corbyn by being friend to legal aid lawyers

In about 1999 something akin to a consensus was reached by the Labour party, the Conservative party and the Judiciary. This consensus said “Courts are bad and anything we can do to reduce the amount of people using them is an inherently good thing… (continue reading)

Not Amused — August 4, 10:13am (35 likes at time of publication)

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From Fact check: Oxbridge-obsessed chambers claims to be a ‘varied and diverse place’

Is this what passes for journalism these days? It is of course entirely possible that there is great diversity amongst those recent tenants who have attended Oxford/Cambridge. In displaying a list of names and the universities that those tenants graduated from, you entirely discount every strand of diversity beyond the the university attended.

robedward90 — August 6, 2:10pm (30 dislikes at time of publication)



From Andy Burnham bids to battle Corbyn by being friend to legal aid lawyers

The problem I have had, as I have sat and watched this jolly little romp is that no politician, no judge (although a hat tip to Stephen Sedley and Igor Judge), let alone a whole political party, has said just how wrong this is. No one has explained to me why we suddenly decided that the best thing to serve the country was shiny, clean, empty court rooms… (continue reading)

Not Amused — August 4, 10:13am (470 words)

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From Crime legal aid firms are forced to offer cheap ‘McJustice’ to clients, says strike leader

Black is right of course. Any intelligent person can analyse the situation, but it does not solve any problems. There is a massive oversupply in the legal aid sector, meaning that even when oldies like me retire there is no recruitment problem. Meaning also that the MOJ can mistreat the sector mercilessly and without adverse consequence. The present strike will implode shortly. Firms will have inflicted damage on themselves for no significant gain. You cannot beat the government. Not if you depend on legal aid.

retiredbrief — August 6, 11:16am



From Trendy London law firm does its bit to tackle erectile dysfunction

They must be working hand over fist to try to get that page changed.

Anon — August 6, 10:08am