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From Former refugee with first class law degree bids to crowdfund BPTC

It is simply shocking how many third rate academics peddle this inverted snobbery nonsense and discourage the able from achieving their full potential… (continue reading)

Anonymous — August 12, 10:04am (40 likes at time of publication)

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From From Former refugee with first class law degree bids to crowdfund BPTC

I’m all for helping people to actualise their potential and realise their dreams, but only when there is evidence that they can make it. Nobody should risk their money crowd-funding someone who has neither the academic credentials nor enough Bar-related experience to be in with a realistic chance of bagging a pupillage.

Bar to Success — August 12, 11:47am (50 dislikes at time of publication)



From Homeless student bags straight A*s and secures place at Cambridge to study law

I don’t think the comment section of Legal Cheek is a good place for a list of universities. That said I think there is a national need for such a list. One based entirely on employability and broken down by job/profession. Based on objective fact and not supposition. Many of the existing lists are corrupted by political bias or irrelevant scoring mechanisms (such as undergraduate opinion — which is often bias and wrong).It is though exceedingly difficult to compile such a list while certain sections of society persist in pretending that all universities are equal… (Continue reading)

Not Amused — August 14, 10:12am (361 words)

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From City firm monitors lawyers’ calls in bid to combat stress

This is the most absurd idea. Knowing that someone is listening in on your phone calls to monitor for ‘stress’ is going to greatly increase stress. Worse still lawyers will get stressed trying hard not to appear/sound stressed, which is already an issue for us BritsSounds like the same kind of misguided HR stunt in the MC firms re. helping partners with mental health, where partners were ‘invited’ to tell the management they were depressed, psychotic and very, very unhappy. Guess what, no one came forward.

Why are there no lawyers in Skyrim? — August 10, 9:54am



From University of Law’s new boss is a closet punk rocker


kaoticoddchild — August 13, 9:57am


Bar to Success

I think you’ll find the most disliked comment was actually posted by City Lawyah, with 218 dislikes at the moment. He/she seemed to be quite proud of that number, too.



I don’t think the dislikes count really – they were clearly the result of the lovely Pamela leveraging all of her classmates from *shudders* London Met to do a bit of downvoting. Shows you the mentality of the person if that’s what she manages to do, rather than having them contributing to her ‘crowdfund’.



NA gets longest post every week by just producing a lot of words – right now let me see … Just off to post a long post with a lot of words in it.


Balderdash Esq.

Way ahead of you on that one.


(And so on………..)



I am glad to see Not Amused frequently mentioned in comments of the week.

Not because he makes decent comments. I just don’t want him to realise the truth and kill himself.

If he did kill himself then it would be in the office. Knowing my luck it would be in our office. Our recycling policy means his body would have to stay there until Wednesday when the collection contractors turn up. I don’t fancy that smell for days. Nor taking over his files where he has litigated by correspondence.


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