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By Thomas Connelly on

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From The 25 sexiest solicitors in the City

This list is quite creepy.

Anonymous — August 17, 9:34am (61 likes at time of publication)

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From Oxford University law student jailed for punching woman in nightclub

Sounds like they were both naughty. Him even more so.

Anonymous — August 17, 12:23pm (21 dislikes at time of publication)



From Bar students are getting even worse at ethics, official report shows

I have only spotted one comment re the variation of pass rates across the providers so, feeling that the debate about whether the BPTC is fit for purpose and the merits of their approach to determining pass/fail has run its course, I would like to stir the pot with respect to the various institutions themselves… (continue reading)

W Deming — August 20, 10:52pm (511 words)

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From Working class hero leads strike against government legal aid cuts from the tee

‘Excitement levels tantamount to watching paint dry on a winter’s day’ — you have clearly never felt the rush of thwacking the golf ball and watching it soar majestically into the rough.

Balderdash Esq — August 19, 3:37pm



From Personal injury solicitor storms off football pitch to head-butt supporter

Football Factory comes to life.

Anonymous — August 20, 11:48am