Morning round-up: Monday 3 August

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By Alex Aldridge on

The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts


Amal Clooney’s chambers in last-ditch legal bid to save life of hated son of Colonel Gaddafi who was sentenced to death in Libya last week [Mail Online]

Dozens of people inhale laughing gas outside parliament in protest against new drugs laws [BuzzFeed News]

Russia may ban “gay emojis” from social media under propaganda law [The Mirror]

Lawyers representing Manchester homeless camp attack government for restricting access to legal aid [Manchester Evening News]

Social worker’s jargon is like a foreign language, says angry judge as he calls for reports to be written in language that everyone involved can understand [Mail Online]

Remnants of the Nazi legal code is finally being purged from the statute books [The Mirror]

North-east lawyer in the dock after keeping sheriff waiting for 30 minutes [Press & Journal]

Human rights lawyer Michael Mansfield reveals his pain at suicide of his daughter who killed herself weeks after being made redundant [Mail Online]

‘Better Call Saul’ Season 2: first-look photos [Deadline]

“…and the child labour that is paralegalling is perpetuated even further. I have been saying for ages. The market is what applicants accept. Law grads and Baby lawyers need to stop accepting position we are overqualified for. Take back control of the market!!” [Legal Cheek Comments]