Your Presentation Feedback Translator

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By Wigapedia on

With the courts closed and the legal profession in holiday mode, what better opportunity to do lots of pointless presentations?


You’ve done the presentation, you’ve had the feedback — but what does it really mean?

Please find your handy Wigapedia Presentation Feedback Translator to assist in understanding those Delphic comments… (with a hat tip to @BagotBriefs)


What it really means

A great speaker Nice shoes
Very informative I turned up to the wrong talk, but on the upside I did learn a lot about forfeiture clauses in Russian oil contracts 
Able, confident Arrogant know-it-all. Judges around here would hate him
Very enjoyable Loved the bit where she tripped over the projector cable!
Really excellent talk I didn’t understand a word, but the funny pictures were just great!
Humorous I’d not heard the one about the penguins before
Will definitely send instructions You will never hear from us again. Delete all reference to us now and save yourselves a lot of wasted emails
Well prepared Found the venue. Could work the laser pointer. Knew her own name
Would like more information on the slides I am plainly mad and I hate all my colleagues
The event ran to time I genuinely can’t think of anything more positive to say. Notes very nicely typed?
We would like some more training Freebies welcomed, then we can spend the training budget on a Christmas party
We liked the interactive aspect It was hilarious to listen to our colleagues’ make total eejits of themselves by their pathetic attempts to answer trick questions
I thought the right amount of material was covered I was definitely awake for the first ten minutes…
I would recommend this to colleagues They deserve to sit through this two-hour pile of crud after they filled the drawers of my desk with frozen peas
I’d have welcomed more practical demonstrations The law stuff is dull — can we have more funny slides and bits of plasticine?

Wigapedia (aka Colm Nugent) is a barrister at Hardwicke in Lincoln’s Inn in London.