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Law school has a very unique way of depicting members of Britain’s police force


It hasn’t been the best few days for BPP Law School’s design staff.

Earlier this week Legal Cheek brought you the disappointing news that that BPP had stuck a gavel on the front of its Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) materials.

The little auctioneer’s hammer — which courts in England and Wales do not use — appeared on the law school’s 2015 advocacy manual.

BPP’s dean, Peter Crisp, immediately took disciplinary action, quipping to Legal Cheek that staff at the school’s design studio were being made to write “English courts have never used gavels” 100 times.

Further punishment may be heading their way when Crisp claps eyes on their attempt to recreate a member of Britain’s fine police force.

The image — taken from one of BPP’s BPTC online lectures — first appeared on popular law student Facebook page Things Law Students Don’t Say earlier this week.

Our online lectures were created professionally and diligently.

Posted by Things Law Students Don't Say on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The photograph, taken using image based social media app Snapchat, shows a cartoon “police officer” telling someone that they are under arrest.

Far from issuing the official police caution, the cartoon officer — who appears to have been drawn by a child — is telling someone:

You’re f***ing nicked

For those responsible, a further 100 lines are coming your way. Repeat after Legal Cheek:

I must learn how to draw.


BPP Law School in gavel shocker [Legal Cheek]



Slow news day?



You never met a copper, Legal Cheek?



Only a fail because John Cleese was dressed as a Roman Guard when he said it



Oh dear: “very unique”.

Give yourselves a good smack with a gavel.


Legal Shart

Wow, it must be a really slow news day at the bureau for this tosh to be published.

LC’s next important report for today: “Shocker! Editor Alex Aldridge managed to shave his scrot. Read on for a gargantuan review of the process!”


Alex's scrot

I am tricky to shave, but your mum insists on it.



Nice one there Alex, I’ll be sending you a medal tomorrow.


The Famous Eccles

I don’t think he’s a real policeman…

No stab-vest, Batman utility belt or post-1994 caution.


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