BPTC newbies embark on first test: collecting their books

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By Thomas Connelly on

Wheelie-suitcase wielding bar students descend on law schools — but how will the 2015-16 band of wannabe barristers use their textbooks?


This year’s cohort of Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) students face their first major hurdle in the pursuit of becoming a barrister: collecting their course books.

Earlier today BPP Law School circulated a message around social media issuing students with a warning.

The tweet from the law school’s official Twitter account confirmed that the materials were indeed “#heavy” and that they should “bring a big bag for your books, preferably with wheels!”

Lets just hope this year’s band of BPTC students — who are often mocked for looking like they’re off on holiday due to their penchant for the wheelie suitcase — actually opt to use the materials for their intended purpose.

Earlier this year, several unnamed law students at BPP’s Holborn branch constructed a fort-style structure out of their Archbold Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice books.


Unfortunately, kill joys at the law school — who no doubt saw it as a personal injury claim waiting to happen — quickly dismantled the impressive structure.

Back in 2013 — in yet another excellent example of wannabe barristers using their textbooks for everything but their intended purpose — footage on Instagram revealed the heavy course materials being used to get a sweat on.

With BPTC fees costing in excess £18,000 for those opting to study in London, a gym membership is deemed an unnecessary luxury for a cash-strapped law student. With this in mind, one group of thrifty BPTC-ers whipped out their practitioners texts and used them to create a homemade workout video.