Donald Trump’s lawyer’s cease & desist letter wins critical acclaim

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Missive by Alan Garten, the Trump Organisation’s general counsel, is an internet hit


The social media trend to celebrate lawyers’ cease & desist letters — which Legal Cheek wholeheartedly supports (see here, here and here) — has yielded another gem.

Step forward Alan Garten, former corporate lawyer at global firm Bryan Cave and, for the last eight years, general counsel of the Trump Organisation.

These are interesting times for Garten, as he seeks to support his boss Donald’s quest to transition from tycoon to — please God, no! — the President of the US of A.

Part of that role is to keep Trump’s new enemies at bay. Hence the cease & desist letter Garten (whose LinkedIn profile can be viewed below) penned yesterday and sent to conservative group Monday to the Club For Growth to stop it running a political attack ad against Trump. ( Yes, there are forces in US politics even more reactionary than Trump.)


Garten’s missive — which contains all the ferociousness you’d expect from the legal advisor to the, er, colourful billionaire — has been described as “amazing” by the Washington Post, which has reproduced a version in annotated form. Top US legal blog Above the Law, meanwhile, fetes it as “a distillation of Trump, mixing boilerplate legalese with childish contempt”.

Enjoy the letter in full below…


Alexander Sarter-Cilk

Could he not have done a better photoshop job on his LinkedIn profile picture?
Not stunning at all…


Pharlotte Croudman

Leave it out, I’m the hound here…..


Salmon Act 1986, s.32

OK, let me preface this by saying I detest Trump.

That said, Alex, you need to actually review your sources before you suggest them to your readership. The Washington Post annotated version (linked to above) is just stupid. For example, 6 comments in, the annotator (Chris Cillizza, who goes by the adorable moniker “The Fix”) writes this:

— “No, I had no idea what “tortious” meant either.” —

The Fix follows that up with a citation from I kid you not.

So, all things considered, he’s probably not the best person to be commenting on a c&d letter… Just sayin’.


Lord Harley of Bollocks

Sadly after reading that letter all I could think about was that if one of us was to write such a letter, we’d quickly be carted off to the SDT for a fine and reprimand.

I have never felt so little freedom to practice than I do under the SRA. The bastards.



Poor drafting – highly emotive language with some inflammatory digs. The best letters are neutral and cutting. The absence of headings is strange and it fails to end with a timeframe for compliance.


Booty LJ

Clearly Mr Garten was not guided accordingly, despite his sign-off…



This is like something Saul Goodman would write. What a load of wishy-washy bollocks.



Isn’t that what you do if you haven’t actually got a legally valid point to make?


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