Lawyer issues unborn daughter with notice to quit wife’s tummy

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By Thomas Connelly on

Overdue daughter is born three hours after legal papers are issued


A US lawyer has adopted a novel way to hurry along the birth of his unborn daughter by issuing her with a written notice of eviction.

Washington real estate attorney Jake Kempton drafted an eviction notice after daughter Pepper was eight days past her due date.

The document (pictured below) will surely raise a smile with even the most traditional of property law practitioners this side of the pond.


Titled “notice to quit premises”, the document explains how Pepper has 12 hours to vacate Kempton’s wife’s tummy. Continuing, it explains that the unborn baby is occupying the premises illegally and that “judicial proceedings” will follow if she fails to leave the womb.

The legal threat — which is written on the official headed paper of Jake Kempton’s Washington-based firm Kempton Legal — is even signed by the lawyer’s wife, Ellisha Kempton, in her capacity as owner/landlord of the property.

Speaking to Above the Law, Kempton revealed that Pepper has since vacated the womb, taking just three hours to pack up her things and leave after the notice was served.

Asked whether he would develop a practice in this niche area of law, Kempton explained:

If I could figure out a way to ethically market a ‘baby eviction’ service, I would probably be able to put my kids through college and retire early.

The DC lawyer — who opened Kempton Legal back in January of this year — confirmed that both client and evictee (pictured below) are doing well.