Lawyers’ ethics: who would you save first in a fire — your mum or girlfriend?

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Chinese judicial ethics exam asks wannabe lawyers to decide


Aspiring lawyers in China are being forced to choose between their mothers and girlfriends in order to be admitted to practise law.

According to the BBC’s China Blog, the following question appears in this year’s national judicial examination, the test administered to China’s lawyers-to-be:

If forced to choose, would you save your mother or your girlfriend from a burning building?

With the exams now completed, the Chinese Ministry of Justice has posted the “correct” answer: your mother.

It says that it would be a “crime of non-action” to opt for romantic love over duty to the woman who gave birth to you.

But what if you have a boyfriend? The Chinese Ministry of Justice is apparently silent on this point. At least diversity problems aren’t limited to the legal profession of England and Wales…


Humpin' Humphrey

Slow news day ahoy!

C’mon LC, throw in a couple more Charlotte Proudman/Lord Harley articles so the mob can have their fun! Or at least more news about salary increases so people can groan about their firm being tightwads.

Not this utterly boring shyte.



Always save mum.

Girlfriend ain’t wifey or daughter.



Charlotte Proudman says that a man saving either of them would be a gross act of misogyny and affirmation of the patriarchy. Best let ’em both burn…


Ass-Eater LJ

In other news, the SRA to make the issuing of practicing certificates conditional on telling them whether you’d rather sit on a cake and eat dick or sit on a dick and eat cake.


Lord Dyson

You’ve won the Internet today, Sir.



Would you rather eat,

a) poo-flavoured chocolate; or

b) chocolate-flavoured poo.



A real lawyer would save neither and cash in both their life insurance policies. Ker-Ching!



A real lawyer would save both of them and then utterly fleece them as clients in a wishy-washy claim against whoever it was that started the fire.



Harsh, but true: a girlfriend is replaceable, your mother is irreplaceable.



Lolz – and you’ve sucked the boobs of both of them.


Sir Peregrine Bottomley QC

I had a wet nurse.



I bet you did you saucy devil



Biologically speaking save your girlfriend…reason, more chance of getting more of your genes into the next generation.


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