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Escaping corporate law


This image depicting an abseiler making their way down the Gherkin appeared recently on the Facebook page of hipster magazine Made in Shoreditch.

It would be remiss of us not to point out that the London office of US firm Kirkland & Ellis is situated on the 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th floors of Britain’s leading pickled cucumber-shaped building.

Kirkland associates are expected to bill a whopping 1,900 hours per year, one of the highest hours targets in the City.

Have a pop at the caption competition in the comments below: absolutely no prizes for the winner …



Kirkland & Ellis’ aptitude test was one of the hardest in the City


Another MC trainee

“After 18 hours of bundling, Albert had discovered another use for the infinite supply of ribbon.”



David at the front desk didn’t care if he was the senior partner or not. No pass, no entry.


Charlotte Proudfoot

This is a metaphor for life as a woman in the modern first world.

The woman climbing is being raped by the giant phallic symbol that is the male dominated workplace.


Monsieur Le Bâtiment

Until Ms Proudman makes a comment on this story then I have no further interest.

However, I must say that the building in the picture is a huge phallic object and I find it extremely upsetting and aggressive.



The Prime summer placement scheme was not entirely as advertised


Lord Harley of Bollocks

I am overwhelmed by the support I have received for my abseil down The Gherkin.

I would caption that iconic moment as “Lord Harley rides giant dick”.



Anything’s a dildo if you’re brave enough


Ms Proudman's LinkedIn request

Female lawyer goes to extreme lengths to circumvent law firm’s glass ceiling



1900 hours / 52 will weeks (no holidays as they are for wimps) = <36 hours per week.

Those who cant handle it please take the Twin Towers fire escape.



Albeit I take your post was sarcastic, you do realise that no one ever bills every single hour at work right?

If anyone is wondering how does billing actually work and how much work can you actually anticipate to do to bill the ‘Wall Street 1900’, check out Yale Law School’s Careers website – it makes for a grim read.



Show me someone who has billed 1900 and I will show you a person who looks ill and exhausted.



No surprise Sherlock – Kirkland/Latham/Skadden/etc. won’t pay you £90k+ without extracting it out of you somehow. I pity the fools who think they’ve hit it big time with the ‘big’ dosh and then realise they’re entire life revolves around a desk, office chair and PC screen.

Thank goodness there’s still City firms out there who pay very decent money and let you have a life too.



McDonalds employee shows how much gherkin is really needed to make a Big Mac constitute a non-dessert item


This tastes nothing like a gherkin!



“LC is definitely not being paid for this promotion of K&E’s offices.”



Philip decided enough was enough…he was going to find out where that squeaking noise was coming from!



An unfortunate victim of Kirkland’s “up or out” policy.


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