Surely future magic circle lawyers aren’t sufficiently superficial to be swayed by the promise of a free swim?

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By Thomas Connelly on

It’s all about the quality of the deals — and the on-site pool


Following the shock news of the tragic death of Matrix Chambers’ pet fish, Legal Cheek is back with some more hard-hitting aquatic legal news.

Magic circle giant Clifford Chance has announced that it is swimming lesson season for its lawyers.

Somewhat bizarrely, the Canary Wharf-based firm placed a paid-for advertisement (pictured below) on Facebook to mark the news. It seems to have been a not-so-subtle way of reminding the nation’s wannabe lawyer that, unlike its rivals, CC has an on-site pool (pictured from different angles above and below).


Certainly, the megafirm seems proud of its swimming bath, which is apparently situated on the fifth floor of Clifford Chance’s Upper Bank Street HQ. On its website the firm trumpets:

There is a 20 x 8 metre swimming pool which, like the gym, features floor-to-ceiling windows with views out over Canary Wharf.

Nice. But surely the high-calibre types who apply to Clifford Chance aren’t so superficial that they are swayed by promises of a swim overlooking Canary Wharf in a questionable atmosphere of “back to school vibes”?

Still, the promise of a “free” splash in CC’s pool is undoubtedly an interesting one…

Yet when Legal Cheek enquired about the possibility of improving on its breaststroke, the corporate behemoth told us that the pool is only available to employees.

The local leisure centre it is, then.