Matrix Chambers rocked by death of pet fish who had own email address and Twitter account

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By Thomas Connelly on

Human rights set in mourning after Yusuf and Ken Junior sadly pass away


Legal Cheek can exclusively reveal that the Matrix Chambers fish are dead.

The duo were the only legal profession pets to engage with social media, arriving on the Twitter scene last year with this memorable reflection.

Yusuf and Ken Junior, who resided at the well-known Gray’s Inn human rights set, sadly passed away earlier this summer.

The chambers’ website notes that the pair joined Matrix after the previous fish — Danny and Ken Senior — escaped from their fishbowl.

Yusuf and Ken Junior — named after a former delivery driver and receptionist — even had their own telephone number and email address. Their dedicated webpage (pictured below), which is still live, gave their position at chambers as “Matrix Mascots” and listed their hobbies as “swimming” and “playing water-polo”.


Alarm bells were raised at Cheek Towers due to the lack of activity on the their joint Twitter account, which has been dormant for over a year. Keen to know if the fish had perhaps switched to law-specific social network Mootis, Legal Cheek put in an urgent request to Matrix’s press team.

A spokeswoman for the set confirmed both fish had died several months ago, with one passing away “very shortly after the other of a broken heart”.

But what about the lack of social media activity prior to the untimely deaths? The spokeswoman claimed the fish had phone issues, continuing:

Before that they were no longer able to tweet as their smart phone got wet!

The pair, who were clearly an integral part of chambers life, will no doubt be sorely missed.