Lawyer attempts to secure date by serving woman with subpoena

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Could lengthy legal document be route to love?


An unnamed California lawyer has attempted to secure a date with a woman by serving her with a subpoena.

The American legal document — which usually compels someone to attend court as a witness — has been re-drafted by the loved-up-lawyer in the hope of bagging a romantic meal with an unnamed lady.

A copy (pictured below) that has appeared on image sharing site Imgur has received a modest 1,339 views so far. However Legal Cheek expects that number to rocket as the legalese-filled love letter circulates Twitter and Facebook.

The subpoena in full:


The attempt to wangle a date through a summons isn’t, however, unprecedented. Last year Legal Cheek reported that a Queen Mary University of London law student had created a ‘Writ of Summons’ to ask coursemate to a society ball.



He’s not getting a date… possibly ever.


Something witty

Plot twist: it was to Charlotte Proudman



the cringiest most disgusting and horrible and filthy and cringiest filth ive ever heard



Sorry Proudman.



Weak bants. Women find that shit cringe.

I would love her refusal to quote something about defects in his document and purported service of the same.






Actually I think that’s quite cute. Y’know. As a woman, I just wanted to say I don’t find that ‘shit cringe’. I mean, I probably wouldn’t accept if it was shoved at me. But I’m figuring this was probably an in-joke rather than a completely out of the blue offer.



Shame it’s not UK; She could have invited him to a CMC for the date and demand that dick pics be included as part of the N263.


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