Lawyers: a car park comparison

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By Thomas Connelly on

Image captures difference between haves and have-nots in corporate law


A photograph that appeared on image sharing app Instagram earlier this month has helpfully illustrated the difference between magic circle lawyers and the rest of us.

The image (embedded below) — which appears to be have been taken from inside a German car park — shows designated spaces for magic circle outfit Allen & Overy and much smaller German corporate firm Oppenhoff & Partner.

On the left of the image, a gleaming Porsche 911 — with a starting price of £74,000 — can be seen sat in one of the magic circle firm’s reserved parking spaces.

On the right sits a slightly cheaper and more eco-efficient bicycle with child trailer. It is located in a space set aside for lawyers at Oppenhoff & Partner.

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While the magic circle outfit boasts 45 offices across 32 different countries, the German firm has a modest 50 lawyers across just two offices.

The great transport divide isn’t exclusively applicable to German lawyers. Closer to home, gaps can be seen at the bar. Spotted earlier this year in Temple, London, this visual metaphor for the difference between the commercial and criminal bar, with a rather beaten up Peugot 206 parked next to an immaculate Maserati in the chambers’ car park.

Legal aid barrister v Commercial barrister

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