The top 15 law fair freebies of 2015

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By Katie King on

The stash creating the biggest stir on campus


15. Bags from Burges Salmon


An oldie but a goodie. Burges Salmon’s tote bags are the perfect place to store your other law school freebies and all the law firm prospectuses you’ve taken out of politeness. Perfect solution to combating the 5p bag charge.

14. Containers from Weightmans


Marketed as a drinks container, we like to think outside the box and brainstorm alternative uses for this Weightmans freebie. We’re most excited by its pen-holding potential.

13. Tape measures from Landmark Chambers


In keeping with its property law theme, Landmark Chambers are offering law fair goers pocket-size plastic tape measures.

12. Sweets from Freshfields

FREEBIES freshfields

Though sweets are commonly spotted at law fairs across the country, Legal Cheek appreciate the hand-packaged feel, and the meticulous attention to Freshfields‘ trademark blue.

11. Travel mugs from Hogan Lovells


The perfect sneaking-coffee-past-the-angry-librarian transportation device. Thanks Hogan Lovells!

10. Virtual tour from CMS Cameron McKenna


CMS Cameron McKenna’s Virtual Reality Campus tour allows students to (virtually) experience a 1000ft helicopter ride, or a Ferrari drive at 150mph. We don’t understand, but we’re sold.

9. Playing cards/laser combo from Monckton Chambers

A deck of playing cards and a laser-pointer key ring that, very faintly, projects Monckton Chambers’ logo. Potentially useless, but we enjoy the gimmick.

8. Headphones/mints combo from South Square Chambers


Another random combination. Free headphones are a staple at most law fairs, and could definitely save you some cash.

7. T-shirts from Legal Cheek


A humble brag — Legal Cheek gave away 10 ‘Lord Denning is my homeboy’ and ‘Eat Sleep Law Repeat’ shirts at this year’s City University law fair.

6. Travel bottles from Financial Conduct Authority


The FCA’s water bottles are lightweight and can be clipped onto jeans, belts, etc — we think they are worth keeping tucked away until the festival season.

5. Pens from Slaughter and May


Bear with us — law students will be used to stocking up on pens at law fairs, but its worth taking a trip to Slaughter and May’s stand just for this pen. Writes like a dream and comes with its own case — this is the sort of pen you’d buy your dad for his birthday.

4. Speakers from Travers Smith


One of the more showy freebies of the law fairs, these compact speakers from Travers Smith turn your phone into a sound system.

3. Mayer Brownies from Mayer Brown


They’re delicious and punny, what’s not to like?

2. Phone charger from DLA Piper


Last year, a portable charger from Shoosmiths came near the top our best law fair freebies list, and we think this one might even be better. This three-pronged phone charger could save you over £50 at the Apple store.

1. Coffee from Pinsent Masons


The way to every law students’ heart: coffee.