Is Inbetweeners star secret author of land law textbook?

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By Thomas Connelly on

“Land law? Completed it mate”


One of the characters in TV’s The Inbetweeners appears to have published a land law textbook.

Jay Cartwright (pictured above) — who is one of four students in the hit show — attends fictitious school Rudge Park Comprehensive on the Channel 4 series.

Following the exploits of the teenagers as they find their feet in the world, Cartwright — played by actor James Buckley — is known for his grossly exaggerated anecdotes told in order to gain the admiration of his friends.

With famous Cartwright catchphrases including “bus-wankers” and “completed it mate”, one Legal Cheek reader Snapchatted this land land law textbook, which appears to have been authored by the renowned bull-shitter.


Somewhat disappointingly, ‘Modern Law of Real Property’ by ‘J.Cartwright’ was actually written by University of Oxford legal academic John Cartwright (pictured below).


Cartwright, who is fluent in French and a professor in the law of contract, will no doubt be pleased with his new found fame amongst law students. At least until he watches the TV show…